Track Your Food Intake

What is the purpose of tracking your food? whAT, HOW MUCh, And when I eat?My Fitness Pal

It is important to be aware of when you eat and what you eat throughout the day in order to reach your body composition goals. If nutrients are available at the proper times and in the proper amounts, then your body will be able to use them efficiently for energy, blood sugar regulation and tissue growth and repair. The nutrients must be balanced appropriately according to your body and your goals, in terms of carbohydrate, fat and protein.                                            

Under eating or overeating may cause muscle loss or fat gain. You must be aware of the amount of food you should be eating in order to reach your goals. By keeping a record of your foods, and amounts you eat, you will become more aware of the following:

How food relates to the way you feel physically and emotionally

What foods you choose to eat

The speed that you eat

Your pattern of eating habits

When you eat (timing is very important)

Why you eat (emotional or physical reasons)

Who you eat with (how you may be influenced by others)

By accurately recording your exercise routine, you will be able to determine how your exercise prescription should be altered when you reach fitness plateaus. Your record of your exercise and eating habits allows you to monitor the effectiveness of your efforts. Additionally, your record will increase your awareness of reoccurring habits, which may need to be altered in order for you to reach your fitness goal.

How do I properly track my daily exercise and eating habits?

The best way to track your food intake is by using the app My Fitness Pal. You can download at

Learn food weights, measurements and portions by keeping a food scale, measuring cups and spoons on your kitchen counter

Be particularly aware of the portion sizes of the foods

Weigh meat after it is cooked

Weigh pasta when it is dry and measure it when it is cooked

Measure Oatmeal uncooked

Measure rice after it is cooked


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