Regina DePaolo


Why Are My Programs So Successful?

I have over 20 years of knowledge and experience as a Fitness Coach working with all types, from novice to advanced athletes; coaching clients one on one, in their homes, the gym, as well as virtually.  Being a great coach has really been about helping my clients break through physical and mental barriers and help them achieve what they believed to be impossible.

Reaching your fitness goals takes more than simply showing up, it’s about dedication, commitment and mindset.  I commit one hundred percent to each and every client and their unique lifestyle and goals.  These are just a few of the reasons why my programs have helped many clients reach their optimal fitness levels.

Since no two bodies are alike, I pride myself on delivering custom fitness and nutrition programs that are uniquely designed for each client.  I provide accountably, motivation and results! The key to success is coaches that understand the entire lifestyle of their client.

What Should I Expect?

I always begin my relationship with a client by conducting a thorough assessment which covers all the critical questions and answers regarding their health history, current diet & fitness level.  This step is so important to understanding Your unique needs and goals.   From there we bring your fitness program to life; working as a team to maximize your RESULTS!!



Specializing in Mobility, Flexibility, Strength, Weight Loss